A Tale of Two Worlds
  San Francisco spends generously on HIV prevention, and estimates a cost of $11,000 for each seroconversion avoided. What about preventing HIV infection of Third World babies?
  Telephone Strategies as an Impediment to Homoerotic Love
  Are you the One Who Calls or the One Who Is Called? Are you hesitant to answer the phone when it rings? Find out how your "telephone strategy" is helping or hurting your love life...
  Temporal Theology
  A recommendation that people in Mediterranean climates practice two faiths, one for the dry season and one for the wet season...
  The Ten Best Ideas in the War Against HIV
  Innovations which thus far have saved at least 100,000 American lives- without any help from high technology or the medical mandarinate.
  Ten Commandments for a Ruling Class Which Desires to Endure
  Advice from Cato the Cynic to a ruling class that wants to stay on top.
  Ten HIV Prevention Brainstorms
  AIDS is prevented at the societal level as well as the individual level. Here are ten bright ideas for effective prevention of the former sort.
  Ten Troubling Questions in the [Middle] Age of AIDS
  Here's a list of ten especially intributing things we don't know about AIDS.
  Ten Uses for a Walking Stick
  A century ago, walking sticks were an integral part of the outfit of gentlemen. Here's why they should make a comeback for men who live in the countryside.
  Ten Years of MidCity Numbers
  A sober comparison of 1998 to 1988, and of a publication which, like the Byzantium, is long-lived, quaint, civilized, and slowly decaying.
  Tent People and Blanket People
  By the Opera House, the very rich and the very poor set out their criteria for a successful evening, in very different and very similar manners.
  Testimony about "Speed"
  Recommendations (November 1996) to San Francisco on how to approach "speed" abuse and HIV prevention.
  The Restoration of the Monasteries
  Lots of gay men are tired of the fast life of cities. Let's set up monastic houses for them so they can revive and beautify life in the American countryside.
  These are the Cat Days of Autumn
  A cat lover's claim for equal time with "Dog Days", in autumn rather than summer.
  Thirteen Reasons Why Heroin is Good for America
  The "fix is in" as regards American culture and opiate drugs: they're made for each other.
  Thirteen-Ball Pool
  A proposal of a three-way version of "eight-ball pool", as a metaphor for three-way conflict.
  Three Outrageous Notions
  Highly speculative reflections on the Great Pox and chastity, the persistence of fast-lane sexual behavior, and the impotence of drug abuse treatment.
  Thursday, August 32, 2000
  Why should Leap Day always be in February, when it's so cold? Why not give August the extra day, once in a millennium?
  Toward a General Theory of Public Policy on Drug Abuse
  This General Theory argues that, after Socialists, Libertarians, and Fascists fight one another to exhaustion, Laissez Faire will carry the day.
  Toward a Non-Sexist Language
  Our alphabet once had a 27th letter; this essay tells how we can get it back, and get some gender-neutral pronouns along the way.
  Toward an Hereditary Upper Class
  What things are needed if America is to have a genuine aristocracy? Can such a thing endure?
  The Treaty of Calais
  Explains why English cookery is so inferior to French cuisine: it was all a conspiracy between George IV and Louis XVIII.
  Triumph of the W
  A proposal for collaborating with Leni Riefenstahl, to make a film celebrating America's famous victory in its war with Iraq.
  Tuning In To the Intergalactic Purr
  The cat's purr as resonant with a pervasive intergalactic Intelligence.
  The Turning Point
  Apt quotations for the beginning of the end of the Age of AIDS.
  Turtles All the Way Down
  A cosmic joke in defense of infinite time.
  Tuscany's Seven Rules of the Good Life
  A brief summary of how civilization is manifested in one corner of Europe.
  Twelve Ways to Distinguish an Australian from a New Zealander
  My attempt to teach North Americans the difference between Australians and New Zealanders. It might have been simpler just to say, "think of Texas and Vermont"...
  Two Dialogues on "Apetheid"
  An account of the strange system of "apetheid", or the "separate development of pet species", which was devised by cats to keep dogs in their place.

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